Tiny tailoring shops that still hold needle to thread

SINGAPORE - Nothing to wear for Chinese New Year? If you eschew fast fashion, seek out a traditional tailor.

Singapore female entrepreneurs step up to form new generation of shoe designers

SINGAPORE - Shoemaking may sound almost like an ancient tradition in this age of fast and mass-market fashion, but the craft is enjoying a small revival here.

Sabrina Tan

SABRINA TAN IS only half-joking when she describes the skincare industry as a highly competitive blood sport. After “10 bloody years” in the arena, she ought to know. The good news though, is that...

Stepping into a men's world: Shoemaker Nita Chauhan wants to help Singaporean men dress better

SINGAPORE - Nita Chauhan is on a quest to help Singaporean men dress better, starting with their shoes.

Earning her pinstripes: Tailor Sheryl Yeo wants to help women fit better into shirts, suits and trousers

SINGAPORE - Sheryl Yeo barely knew how to work a needle when she started her two-year tailoring apprenticeship in 2016.

Starting with a gem of an idea

Home-grown brand Yuli Fine Jewellery is known today for its flamboyant and bold pieces, but its founder Jessie Foo Yuli, 55, says the journey has not been easy.

Local label Flesh Imp looking to open brick-and-mortar stores in China

Streetwear is having a fashion moment globally. But 18 years ago, local streetwear brand Flesh Imp was already making waves on the Singapore scene - long before the edgy urban look had the...

Growing market for local organic and natural skincare and cosmetics

Homegrown organic and natural skincare and cosmetics are gaining a wider circle of fans as Singapore shoppers grow keen on slathering chemical-free potions and lotions on their faces and bodies...

Beauty salons, gyms and buzzing shops lure shoppers to CBD malls

When most shoppers think of the Central Business District (CBD), retail therapy is not the first thing that springs to mind.

Made-in-Singapore fragrances a flourishing niche market here

Under the perfume brand Singapore Memories, you can buy a scent inspired by the aromas of Peranakan culture. Called Peranakan Oud, the perfume is described as "unisex, deep soul-searching,...

Creating perfume blends from childhood

Blending fragrant oils to create layered scents comes naturally to perfume designer Faridah Yusuf.