Online grocers step up their game

The online grocery scene here is headed for the fast lane, with food delivery platform Foodpanda being the latest to jump onto the bandwagon.

Honestbee can fly high again: Analysts

The sceptics were out in force after retail start-up Honestbee endured a fortnight of bad press and a change in leadership, but analysts reckon the company can bounce back.

Honestbee says suspending some overseas operations, cutting global headcount all part of ongoing review

A company spokesman said the review was necessary to help the company focus and align its regional business and to enable it to better meet its customers' needs.

FairPrice freezes prices of 100 house brand items till mid-2020

To help moderate the rising cost of living and protect shoppers from price fluctuations, FairPrice has pledged to freeze the prices of 100 FairPrice house brand products for the next 15 months....

FairPrice to hold prices of 100 house brand products for a year, introduce Merdeka Generation discount

Singaporeans born in the 1950s will soon be able to enjoy a 3 per cent discount on purchases at all FairPrice outlets on Wednesdays under a $2.7 million scheme.

Welcome to roboshop - Singapore's first cashless, automated supermarket

The new "habitat" supermarket has 60,000 sq ft of retail space with a fully automated check-out system, where customers pay using a smartphone app and robots pack their groceries into bags.

Smaller grocery chains find ways to stay in the game

A small supermarket chain saw the potential of catering to residents in their neighbourhoods and rode the heartland wave to expand to eight outlets in the 2000s.

Room for Sheng Siong to grow despite e-commerce threat

THE entry of e-commerce players hasn't been quite the market distruptor for the Sheng Siong Group as expected, it seems.

Supermarkets rolling out QR code payment via Nets

Cold Storage, Giant and Sheng Shiong will aim to roll out the cashless payment system at all their stores by end of the year, while FairPrice introduced it in selected stores in October last year...

Diverse cluster of vending machines at Giant

From gardening kits to headscarves, shoppers can now get their hands on more products at the touch of a screen. Supermarket chain Giant has joined the vending machine wave with what it says is the...

Vending machines that dispense headscarves, fish food and gardening kits launched at Giant

Fancy a gardening kit, "mystery box" or even a headscarf at the press of a button? Supermarket chain Giant has joined the vending machine wave with what it touts as the largest and most diverse...