Online materials assessment tool aims to reduce plastic use

A WEB tool developed by the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF-Singapore) aims to help businesses better understand and select more environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic...

Swift response, adaptable workforce needed to innovate amid pandemic

THE winners that emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic will be companies that not only react quickly to changes, but also have a workforce with the right mindset to adapt to new demands, said...

WWF-Singapore unveils online tool for assessing plastic alternatives

A new Web tool by the World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF-Singapore) will help businesses simplify the process of assessing and selecting alternatives to plastic packaging.

Pushing sustainable development after Covid-19: The devil is in the details

If there is one thing recent events have shown, it is that the status quo cannot be taken for granted - not when business as usual can be brought to its knees so easily, and by a tiny foe.

Local firms saved 12m pieces of single-use plastics in 2019: WWF-Singapore

MORE than 12 million pieces of single-use plastic packaging and items were saved in 2019 by local companies under the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore's Pact (Plastic ACTion) initiative...

OCBC sees no long-term impact from Covid-19 on sustainable financing ambitions

COVID-19 will not have a long-term impact on OCBC's sustainable financing ambitions, even as companies' attentions are now diverted to immediate issues as they struggle with the pandemic fallout...

Banyan Tree to open farm, restaurant in Thailand with The Boutique Farmers

BANYAN Tree Group has formed a joint venture with Thai sustainable growers The Boutique Farmers to develop a gourmet organic farm and restaurant in Chiang Mai.

Building more sustainable small businesses for a more resilient future

THE COVID-19 global crisis has been disruptive on many fronts. Aside from being a public health issue, it has also had serious economic, social and political consequences that we will experience...

How SMEs can transform and go green for the future

Many SMEs still have misconceptions about going sustainable. Ng Li Lian, Head of Business Banking, HSBC, debunks these myths.

Sustainability lessons from the Covid-19 outbreak

AS THE world struggles with the current coronavirus pandemic, those who have experienced past crises dispense sagely wisdom "not to waste a good crisis".

Money FM podcast: Sustainability through innovation with Rolls-Royce

Join Claressa Monteiro, as she speaks to Bicky Bhangu, president for South-east Asia, Pacific and South Korea at Rolls-Royce about the company's efforts to enhance sustainability through...