Singapore seeks to push the boundaries on sustainability: Desmond Lee

By 2030, urban life in Singapore is likely to look greener and feel cooler. More buildings could see facades clad in a protective envelope of nature, said National Development Minister Desmond Lee...

Pushing sustainable development after Covid-19: The devil is in the details

If there is one thing recent events have shown, it is that the status quo cannot be taken for granted - not when business as usual can be brought to its knees so easily, and by a tiny foe.

Addendum to President's Address: Sustainability sector to offer 55,000 new jobs in next 10 years

In the next 10 years, 55,000 jobs are expected to be created as Singapore pursues sustainable development, including about 4,000 in the next year, said Minister for Sustainability and the...

Eco factors part of Body Shop's makeup

Companies tend to think sustainability will force them to compromise on profits, but beauty chain The Body Shop finds that it can win and retain customers precisely because environmental awareness...

Recycling, new tech a good fit for Uniqlo

Japanese clothes retailer Uniqlo is known for its simple designs and colours but it is also undertaking a major initiative to boost sustainability efforts in Singapore and across the group.

Education a key theme for Asian investors

Mr Vafa Ahmadi heads the thematic equities management team in CPR Asset Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of French asset management company Amundi.

Singapore firms on road to sustainability: Experts

Singapore companies have been making inroads into sustainability, but it is still a long path ahead, according to experts and research findings.

Zooming in on sustainability

Start-up Positive Energy gives a boost to developers with trouble funding projects on renewable energy, by matching them with investors.

Handmade with love for the planet

Crocheting and knitting are often thought to be associated with clothing and accessories, but local artisan and entrepreneur Eileen Wan is taking this delicate craftwork into a more practical...

Chew's Agriculture signs $27m sustainability-linked loan with DBS

Egg producer Chew's Agriculture has signed a 10-year, $27 million sustainability-linked loan with DBS Bank, to construct a new farm with larger cage-free facilities.

A million-dollar call for eco-friendly entrepreneurs

A million-dollar challenge has been thrown down to spur entrepreneurs to devise better ideas in waste management and air cooling.