Comfort's surge pricing may come at a cost

Singapore's largest taxi operator, ComfortDelGro, has joined the private-hire fray with its implementation of dynamic fares yesterday, and is opening its app to Grab and Gojek drivers soon.

Comfort taxis set to offer dynamic pricing alongside metered fares

ComfortDelGro may also open its taxi-booking app to private-hire drivers.

Private-hire operators may get licence to offer street-hail services

This may be possible down the road if private-hire operators apply for the new Street Hail Service Operator Licence, or partner a taxi company to offer the service.

Singapore to host international electric car race in 2020

Formula E is said to be held together with the Singapore Grand Prix in September next year at the street circuit in Marina Bay.

Diesel duty hike too sudden, rebates too low: Cabbies

Diesel users upset over the 100 per cent hike in the fuel duty announced in Monday's Budget say there are more effective ways to address air pollution.

LTA aims to streamline rules for taxi firms, private-hire cars

A long-awaited move to impose tighter regulations on private-hire operators is round the corner.

LTA to streamline rules governing taxis, private-hire cars

The Land Transport Authority said it is proposing to license all street-hail and ride-hail operators, "as they provide the same fundamental service of transporting commuters from point to point...

Unreasonable demands by some users of ride-hailing apps

With ride-hailing apps, commuters have an unprecedented level of convenience when it comes to getting a ride.

Electric taxi operator HDT eyes fleet expansion

HDT Singapore Taxi, which now operates 100 electric-powered cabs, applied to the Land Transport Authority earlier this month to add another 800 electric taxis.

Cabbies, private-hire drivers cannot do courier jobs: LTA

Taxi drivers and private-hire drivers are not allowed to be couriers or deliverymen for goods if there is no passenger on board, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said yesterday.