trade war

Trade deal not changing Singapore firms' outlook yet

THE initial trade deal signed on Wednesday in Washington may spark hope of improved Sino-US relations, but Singapore companies across sectors are unlikely to change their outlook just yet, with...

TECHNOLOGY: Rolling out Singapore 5G networks - speed is of the essence

Next year, Singapore will issue licences to operate up to four 5G networks, instead of the two initially planned for, as it takes bolder steps to embrace a technology believed to be crucial to the...

Regional markets expected to build on recent gains

With both the US and China confirming terms of a Phase One trade deal, investors can take heart that the bitter relationship between the two economic powerhouses may have finally changed.

Christmas comes early for markets as key risks get taken out on Friday the 13th

TOKYO (BLOOMBERG) - It started last Friday, with a blowout US jobs report that beat all expectations. Then in quick succession late Thursday investors got news that the guns will be holstered in...

China is waging war with US businesses. And it's winning

[NEBRASKA] If you want to understand what's happening in the National Basketball Association, turn off SportsCenter and pick up "The Art of War". More than 2,000 years ago, the Chinese general Sun...

Hopes of trade war, Brexit breakthrough bring cheer

US STOCKS rallied last week as two of the darkest clouds on the market horizon parted simultaneously.

Firms tapping tech to boost logistics amid uncertainties

Companies are embracing technology to save money, boost productivity and react quickly to severe disruptions to global supply chains, including a damaging trade war.

Diversify, innovate, train to weather global uncertainty: Chan Chun Sing

TO weather ongoing global uncertainty, Singapore's national strategy is to diversify, innovate, and train, said Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing in Parliament on Tuesday.

Tariffs force businesses to work more closely together

PRIVATE business owners cannot wait on the sidelines for trade tensions to ebb. They are tackling trade discord today by collaborating, identifying enduring growth opportunities, and bringing...

Trade spat means Asian export economies are in for a rough ride, Fitch Solutions warns

ASIAN export-reliant economies such as Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia will be hardest hit by waning demand for Chinese-made products and supply chain disruptions amid...