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Businesses need to prepare themselves for US-China trade war fallout: Minister Chan

SINGAPORE is not immune to the fallout from the US-China trade war, although it is still too early for the government to assess its economic impact, said Minister of Trade and Industry Chan Chun...

Planes, toys and tourism: What is US-China trade made of?

[WASHINGTON] The United States and China last year exchanged US$737.1 billion in goods and services. Below is a breakdown on trade between the world's top two economies.

Former CEO-designate of Temasek upbeat on Singapore

These are uncertain times for global trade but if Singapore stays the course and continues to make itself an attractive business centre, it will prevail in the long run, says Mr Charles "Chip"...

Singapore assessing 2019 forecasts as trade war risks loom: Heng Swee Keat

[SINGAPORE] Singapore may need to review its economic growth projections for next year as a trade spat between the world's two biggest economies increases uncertainty and crimps business investment,...

Firms here need X-factor to thrive globally

WANTED: the X-factor for Singapore Inc. Singapore firms need "something special" to step up to the international stage and to transform into companies like those from Switzerland and China, which...

Singapore must watch for winners and losers in the pursuit of free trade: Heng

SINGAPORE needs to be conscious of how free trade can sieve out winners and losers, and ensure that people are not left behind amid the pursuit of free trade, said Minister for Finance Heng Swee Keat.

Government monitoring trade spat; Singapore, KL may gain from trade diversion

THE escalating trade tensions between China and the US have sparked concerns among the business community here over the potential impact on global growth.

Winners and losers in a US-China trade war

THE tit-for-tat tariff dispute unfolding between China and the US could have a far-reaching impact on many other countries - for better or for worse.

Indonesia says domestic market to shelter economy from trade war

[JAKARTA] Indonesia's economy may be cushioned by its huge domestic market as a trade dispute between the US and China poses risks to the global economic recovery, according to finance minister Sri...