3 SMEs share their pro-family strategies at event

Feedback from staff at 3E Accounting that they were unable to use up their medical claim entitlements prompted bosses to add more options that can be accessed.

Fathers want bosses' support in balancing family, career: Poll

Efforts to support new mums in the workforce have been growing in recent years, and it appears dads also want to do more to better balance their careers and family life.

Small company Providend is big on flexi-work arrangements

Finance executive Moon Shary considered resigning two years ago or working part-time so she could help her daughter prepare for the Primary School Leaving Examination, but the option of flexible...

Bosses, staff agree on need for work-life harmony: Poll

Employers and employees have become more aligned in their views on the need for work-life harmony.

Millennials find their calling in unheard-of jobs

Jobs that previously sounded obscure and niche are becoming less unusual today, said Ms Feon Ang, vice-president at LinkedIn Talent and Learning Solutions for Asia-Pacific.

5 work trends

Often cited as a symptom of the "flighty" millennial generation, job-hopping may be shaking off its negative image.

What companies are doing to cope with sound in open offices

There is an old saying in theatre that the best kind of sound design does not draw attention to itself.

Will robots take over our jobs?

With robots increasingly taking over jobs, including those that require technical skills, it may be the "fuzzy" or soft skills that will save your job.

Big push to equip workers with basic digital skills

A major initiative to ensure that Singaporeans keep pace with the digital economy, at work and in everyday life, was launched yesterday.

Management concept 'ambidexterity' offers lessons for Singapore firms

The continuing relevance of Singapore in a world of intense transition has been attracting debate in recent months.

Rise of the shared workspace

Co-working spaces are expanding to accommodate a growing shift in Singapore's workplace culture towards collaboration.